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JSL Ispat ''JSL'' Adjustable Telescopic Span JSL Ispat
These spans provide maximum safety with minimum supervision, fabricated out of 2 mm sheet lattices of 10mm bar, and main bar of 16mm & T section of 40 x 5mm. It needs no intermediate support to be provided. Its available sizes with their respective opening and load carrying capacity are as shown.

JSL Ispat
Size Min. Mtr. Max. Mtr.
ESO+ESI 1.75 2.70
ESO+SI 2.35 3.45
ESO+ESI 2.40 3.45
SO+SI 2.46 4.15
SO+LI 3.05 4.75
LO+SI 3.15 4.90
LO+SI 3.15 5.50