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"JSL" Aluminium Formwork
JSL aluminium formwork is a versatile solution for forming concrete structures in a cost effective and efficient manner. Aluminium formwork is the best choice for both high and low-rise construction projects. Our innovative technology provides many benefits such as reduced labour costs and shorter project durations. JSL formwork technology is a complete system. It can be easily applied to simple column, beam and slab constructions through to more sophisticated features such as curved structures, staircases, bay windows and balconies.

JSL is also doing Aluminium Formwork.

Aluminium Formwork
Wall Formwork

Aluminium Formwork
Bay Window Formwork

Aluminium Formwork
Slab Formwork

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Aluminium Formwork
Undisturbed Formwork

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Aluminum Panels are a framework of extruded aluminum sections with welding to aluminum sheet. It makes a panel lightweight with best stiffness. Each panel can be made in standard sizes as well as non standard sizes to suit the requirement of design. The panels are product of high quality aluminum alloy. The thickness of the panel is a 4mm, on a framework of specially designed extruded sections & duly welded.

JSL Ispat Characteristics JSL Ispat
Easy: It is about 23-25kg/m2, light weight means only a single worker could move the Aluminum Formwork easily.

Efficient: The Aluminum Formwork System is jointed by the pin, it is two times fast than wood formwork to install and dismantle, so it could save more work and work time.

Saving: The Aluminum Formwork System supports early-dismantling application, the construction working cycle is 4-5 days per floor, it is effective for cost saving in human resource and construction management The Aluminum Formwork can be re-used more than 300 times, the economic cost is very low of every time using.

Safety: The Aluminum Formwork system adopts the integrative design, it could load 30-40KN/ m2, which could reduce the safety loophole leaded by the construction and materials.

High quality of construction: The aluminum formwork is made by extrusion process, it makes the concrete surface flat, smooth. No need heavy backing plaster, effectively for plaster cost saving.

Environment friendly: The aluminum material of the formwork could also be recovered after useless, it avoids the waste.

Clean: Different with the wood formwork, there is no wood panel, fragment and other waste in the construction area using the aluminum formwork.

Widely scope of application: The Aluminum Formwork System is suited for application of walls, beams, floors, windows, columns, etc

The formwork is designed to suit your project using the most economical assortment of panel sizes. Preliminary schemes and building layouts can be developed as an initial step to assessing commercial viability. Outline budget costing exercises are regularly performed as a means of confirming our competitiveness.

JSL Formwork is manufactured to very high tolerances, giving high quality formwork components that ensure consistency of dimensions. On removal of the formwork mould, a high quality concrete finish is produced to accurate tolerances and verticality. The high tensile steel wall ties ensure wall thickness are maintained with accuracy and also prevent bulging. Also rigid aluminium alloy ensures perfect right angle joints between walls, walls and slab and door or window openings. The high tolerance of finish means that no further plastering is required, typically a 4-5mm skim coat is applied internally to walls prior to finishing and a good quality textured paint application is applied to the external surface.