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JSL Ispat '''JSL'' Cup Lock System JSL Ispat
Cup Lock System is one of the leading scaffolding arrangements used worldwide. Its unique node point connection makes it the fastest, safe, most economic and versatile scaffolding ever conceived & designed. It is fabricated out of requisite grade steel tubes i.e. "B" class. The connection point is set at 500/1000 mm intervals. The captive mobile cups are casted out of malleable cast iron to ensure rough site handling and bottom cups of high quality pressed steel are welded. Loose or welded EJPs are provided for trouble free and strong link between vertical (Standard) members. These verticals are used clubbing horizontal (Ledgers) members having identical, fit in, shaped forged ledger blades to fit in the cups of the vertical.

Produced from tube thickness 3.2mm:
''JSL'' finish available for Scaffolding:
- Galvanized
- Painted

JSL Ispat Horizontals/Ledgers JSL Ispat
JSL Ispat
Size (Mtr.) Wt (Kg.)/Pc.
0.60 2.200
0.90 3.200
1.00 3.550
1.20 4.200
1.50 5.250
1.80 6.250
2.00 6.900
2.50 8.600
3.00 10.300

JSL Ispat Verticals / Standards JSL Ispat
JSL Ispat
Size (Mtr.) Wt (Kg.)/Pc.
0.5 2.300
1.0 4.550
1.5 6.800
2.0 9.100
2.5 11.350
3.0 13.600

JSL Ispat Cuplock Transom JSL Ispat
Transoms are fabricated from twin structural angles fixed back to back with a drop forged blade attached to each end. The 1.8m and above Transom has an additional web member welded below the flange section for added strength. The transom blade locates into a bottom cup and is locked in position by the top cup. The outward standing bottom leg of the angles supports the steel planks in a captive manner. Available in various lengths to suit scaffolding and formwork applications.

JSL Ispat

JSL Ispat Cuplock Omega Transom JSL Ispat
Omega Transoms manufactured from press bent section with flange type extensions on both sides provides a strong support for working platform with Cuplock steel battens.

JSL Ispat
JSL Ispat Cuplock Intermediate Transom JSL Ispat
For use where distance between standards exceeds the span of scaffold boards Cuplock Intermediate Transoms Available in various lengths.

JSL Ispat

JSL Ispat Cuplock Inside Board Transom JSL Ispat
Similar to intermediate transoms, inside board transom is used for providing facility for a single inside board platform.

JSL Ispat

JSL Ispat Cuplock Return Transom JSL Ispat
The Return Transom is used at the end of a scaffold run where it meets another scaffold running at right angles to it. The U-shaped return section of the transom hooks over the ledger of the adjacent scaffold, closing off the gap between the two scaffold.

JSL Ispat

JSL Ispat Cuplock Cantilever Frame JSL Ispat
This item is used for providing support to decking or formwork at edges. This frame has ledger blades to be fitted into cups of Cuplock standards at one end and with provision for accepting jacks in three positions at the other end at 1.2 m, 1.25 m and 1.3 m from centerline of the standard.
JSL Ispat

JSL Ispat Hop-Up 1/2/3 Bracket JSL Ispat
Hop-up Brackets are designed in omega sections as well as in tubes sections for placing battens with provision of forged blades to be fitted with Cuplock standards by cup joint. Omega Hop-up brackets are available for single board, two board and 3 board allocations.

JSL Ispat