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JSL Ispat
JSL Ispat JSL Ispat JSL Ispat
Structural Steel

JSL Ispat Rounds JSL Ispat
We supplly steel rounds in different material specifications including mild steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. These rounds can be supplied in rolled, flanneled or standard specifications in different dimensions. Our range of steel rounds find varied applications in Ordinances Factories, Railways, Automotive, Structural Engineering and more.


JSL Ispat Applications JSL Ispat
+ Flat bars are mainly use for general engineering and fabrication jobs.
+ The size ranges from 12x3 to 300x25
+ Used largely in grating industries, component manufacturing, electrical, machinery industries etc.
+ We also take special orders in EN8, EN9 or any other equivalent grade with specific dimensional requirements.
+ Minimum Order Quantity: 1.5 Ton

JSL Ispat JSL Ispat